The farm

Cycle Farm is a 3 acre farm in Spearfish Valley. 2012 was our first year farming full-time. The land is rich, deep silt loam, irrigated with water from Spearfish Creek. The farm was previously a hop field. The land also hosts an established vineyard of South Dakota bred Valiant grapes and a newly planted orchard with heritage varieties of apple, plum, apricot, and tart cherries.  We grow approximately an acre of mixed vegetables and herbs.

A bit about our philosophy and practices. At Cycle Farm, we…

  • produce food that is diverse, chemical-free and naturally grown.
  • grow for flavor and nutrition, rather than ease of shipping and shelf-life.
  • preferentially grow open-pollinated and regional varieties.
  • use no-till, full-circle, sustainable farming practices to both build soil and grow food.
  • seek methods that limit off-farm inputs, enhance land health, and encourage ecological diversity.
  • work to build community resilience in Spearfish Valley by growing food for our neighbors.
  • foster community engagement and education regarding our local food system.
  • aim to connect with and promote this region’s agricultural, land-based roots.

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Lawrence County Conservation District 2017 Conservation Citizenship Award