Migration celebration

In honor of our influx of feathered spring visitors* and in a most productive use of a cold, wet May day**, we’d like to share with you a special mix-tape love letter, a Migration Celebration. Ovation and tintinnabulations!

This is along the lines of our annual Agrarian Riddims compilations (for especially enjoyable listening, they are located here: vol.1vol.2side Cvol.4vol.5, and vol.6), so tune in and turn it up. The migration mix-tape is available as a YouTube playlist here, or you can select individual tracks below. This compilation goes out with big ups and special thanks to our friends Tom (reggae) and Greg and Mary Beth (birds).

Migration Celebration riddims mix-tape track list:

The Wisdom Band :: Migration Season

The Silvertones :: Bluebirds Flying Over

Prince Alla :: Jah Jah Bird

Israel Vibration :: Vultures

Sister Nancy :: Pegion Rock

Fat Freddy’s Drop :: Blackbird

Errol Dunkley :: Betcha By Golly Wow

Elijah Prophet :: Mother Nature

The Paragons :: Silver Bird

Derrick Harriott :: Fly Robin, Fly

Winston Groovy :: Yellow Bird

Little Roy :: Black Bird

The Blues Busters :: Wings of a Dove

Teddy Magnus :: Flying Machine

Sherwin Gardner :: Eye on the Sparrow

The Paragons and Rosalyn Sweat :: Blackbird Singing

U-Roy :: Birds of a Feather

Les Migrants :: Hymne aux migrants

and, albeit slightly out of place genre-ly, this one too, DakhaBrakha :: Vesna


With special love and admiration for all our migrant brethren,

Trish and Jeremy


P.S. A few more migration pathways to wander, if you are interested: A fascinating study and amazing photography (a SoDak photographer!) of animal migrations in Yellowstone National Park. Michael McCarthy’s beautiful book The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy. Bernd Heinrich’s Homing Instinct, Meaning and Mystery in Animal Migration. And, if you are able and inclined, consider supporting this salient humanitarian aid organization doing work in support of migrants in the Mexico-US borderlands. (ALSO! 6/13/2019 edited to add:: this article just published in the NYTimes, These Animal Migrations are Huge – and Invisible by Carl Zimmer)

*In the last two days new visitors include a House Wren, Swainson’s Thrushes, a Harris’s Sparrow, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Common Yellowthroats, an Empidonax Flycatcher, a Loggerhead Shrike, Yellow Warblers, a pair of Spotted Towhees, Brewer’s Sparrows, two Mourning Doves, and our first on-farm American Kestrel.

**In other words, we took a deviation from vegetation cultivation and had a vacation simulation which has improved our inclination for motivation.

agrarian riddims, vol. 6

Oh, friends! Another mixtape love letter for your listening pleasure!Every summer we assemble a compilation of agrarian beats, a special line-up of rhythms and vocals that reflect the farm, the season, and our sentiments.  We started this tradition in 2013 inspired by a mixtape love letter to the parks that birthed hiphop and have continued since with fervor and joy, and with inspiration from our friend, Thomas Payne, and the consummate Kid Hops. Heaps of thanks to all the fine musicians honoring and celebrating life, the land, honest work, and all delicious things. We hope you enjoy listening to this montage as much as we enjoyed mixing it up.

For more good riddims, check out our previous compilations: vol. 1, vol.2, side C, vol.4, and vol.5. Agrarian riddims mix-tape vol.6 is available to stream on a youtube playlist here or tune into individual tracks below.

Staunchly yours, with big beats and sweet beets, Jeremy and Trish

Agrarian riddims mix-tape vol.6 track list:

Max Romeo :: The Farmer’s Story

Fari Difuture :: Farmer Man

Telford Nelson :: Till the Soil

Webby Jay :: In the Rain

Clinton Fearon :: Backyard Meditation

Prince Jamo :: Sheep to the Shepherd

Prince Alla :: Jah Jah Bird

Paul Izak :: Back to the Roots

Mike Love :: Permanent Holiday

Sly and Robbie :: Swing Easy

Spanner Banner :: Till up the Soil

Anthony B :: Wonderful World

Israel Vibration :: Give Thanks and Praise

General Zooz :: The Mango Song  (with a special shout out to Mama and Papa Jenkins)

Supercat :: Vineyard Style

Dirtsman :: Hot this Year

R. Vincenzo :: Cabras no Elevando Quilombola

Balkan Beat Box :: Dancing with the Moon


agrarian riddims, vol. FIVE

Volume 5! It’s time for our annual summer mixtape love letter to the farm (inspired by a mixtape love letter to the parks that birthed hip hop).This special compilation of agrarian beats has been assembled as a reflection of our season thus far.  Many thanks to our friend Tom and the esteemed Kid Hops for inspiring good grooves, and to the artists who honor food, farmers, and the land through their music.

For more listening, check out our previous agrarian riddims compilations: Volume 1, Volume 2, Side C, and Volume 4.

The Agrarian Riddims mixtape, Volume FIVE is available to stream on a youtube playlist here. Or tune-in to individual tracks below.

Earl Sixteen – Natty Farming

Stand High Patrol – Big Tree

Ijahman Levi – Moulding

Sharon Little – Don’t Mash Up Creation

Clinton Fearon – This Morning

Macka B – Good Day

The Roots – Look Around

Biga*Ranx – My Face

Mungo’s Hi Fi – Warm Up

Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Touch Me Tomato

Beenie Man – Bicycle Man

Jay Family – Stakal Shedit

Fantan Mojah – Stronger

The Great Escape – Good Day

DJ Khaled and Sizzla – I’m so Grateful

With special nod to biodynamics, Brother Culture – Supanova

Dub Dynasty – Holy Cow

and Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra – Mama

With big beats and big beets,
Trish and Jeremy

agrarian riddims, vol. 4

It’s that time of year again.

It’s time for the release of this summer’s agrarian riddims compilation, a farm tradition originally inspired by Grist’s mix-tape love letter to parks. For your listening pleasure, check out previous years’ mix-tapes: Volume one, Volume two and Side C. Special thanks to all the reggae musicians celebrating food and farming, and to Tom Payne and Kid Hops for inspiration.

Big beets and big smiles, t&j

Winston McAnuff – What Man Sow  

Junior Delgado – Effort

Barry Biggs – Work All Day

Ras Muhamad feat. Naptali – Farmerman

Joseph Cotton –  Plant the Vegetables

Count Lasher’s Calypso Quintet – Water the Garden

Bascom X – Farmer Man

Gregory Isaacs – Words of the Farmer

Reya Sunshine – Sista Farmer

Erico Morris – Beautiful Garden

Loyal Flames – Working

Jah Mike – Jack a the Farmer

Yardman and Foundation Crew – Farmer Man

Lopez Walker – Jah Jah New Garden

Boris Gardiner – Elizabethan Reggae, a reggae rendition of Elizabethan Serenade, with agrarian fly-over.

Jeremy finds this one especially… suiting. Teddy Brown – Rose Garden

And, not entirely appropriate for our latitude, but Trish really likes this one… Jah 9 – Avocado



agrarian riddims, side c beats

Originally inspired by Grist’s mixtape love letter to the parks, we’ve been putting together annual summer mix tapes featuring agrarian-inspired riddims. Check out these links to our previous mix-tapes, Volume 1 and Volume 2. This year, we’ve pulled together some great tracts to accompany our particularly tempestuous season. We hope you like these melodies as much as we do. Turn it up, up, up.

Burning Spear – Man in the Hills

Proper King – Farm Di Ground

Mungo’s Hi Fi – Bike Rider

Sarah Lubo and Kabaka Pyramid – High and Windy

Protoje and Chronixx – Who Knows

Buju Banton – Not an Easy Road

Dezarie – Hail Jah

Protoje and The Indiggnation – Hail Rastafari

Shabba Ranks – Tough Life

Lee Scratch Perry – Rainy Night Dub

Webby Jay – In the Rain

Martin Jondo – Rainbow Warrior

Promoe – New Day

Israel Vibrations – Mud up

Sister Charlotte – Weeding Dub

Beany Mann – Insects Nuh Bother We

Clinton Fearon – Better Days

Winston McAnuff and Fixi – Garden of Love

Big beets, big thanks, t and j

agrarian riddims, vol. 2

Last summer, we compiled a mixtape of good agrarian riddims after hearing a mixtape love letter to the parks. Since then, a few new songs have been brought to our attention. Here’s a lyrically potent B-side. A special new compilation for the summer. Both inspired by and dedicated to our favorite spoken word wizards: T.Payne, P.Jewett, and K.Hops.

Barrington Levy – Black Roses

Brushy One String – Chicken in the corn

Collieman – Farmerman Life

The Classics – Honey bee

Albarosie – Work

Don Carlos – Mr Sun

Rootz Underground – Farming

Tony Rebel – Fresh Vegetable

Keke – I Farmer Man

Quartiere Coffee – Italian Reggae Familia (feat. Albarosie as farmer)

Sister Carol – Veggie veggie

Don Carlos – Harvest Time

Max Romeo – Milk and Honey

Chezidek, Jah Mason, and Israel Voice – Farmland Medley

Movimiento Original – Natural

Trish’s new favorite: Mr Perfect – Handcart Bwoy

and finally, and of course, the Reggae Worms


yours, with big beets and big beats, T&J

Cycle Farm summer riddims

Last week, we came across a short article on how park space has played an important role in the creation of quality rhymes and hip hop rhythms (A mixtape love letter to the parks that birthed hip hop).  Trish works part-time with The Trust for Public Land, preserving parks and open space for people across the country, so she was especially taken with this article. It feels good to know that the work you do has such a positive impact on the world.

With the help of Kid Hops on KEXP and good friends, we have been accumulating a musical compilation of our own.  Cycle Farm Agrarian Riddims. Inspired by the “mixtape love letter” to the parks, here is a mix-tape love letter to Cycle Farm. (Please note: this is a compilation in progress. If you have suggestions for songs to add, please let us know.  We’d love to add them to the list).

Lord Comic – Jack of my Trade

Anthony B – Raid the Barn

Kali Blaxx – Farmer Man

Prezident Brown – Holy Land

Early B – Bicycle Bicycle

Macka B – Wha Me Eat

Jah Mason – Vegetable Time

Edi Fitzroy & Roots Radics – Work on, Mr Farmer Man

Johnny Osbourne – Water Pumping

Joseph Cotton – Plant de vegetables

Shan I Benjamen – Look after your structure

Quantic – Use what you got

A song for the extra specially long, trying days – when nothing seems to go quite right:

Eek a Mouse – Peeni Walli

And a slight genre change, but Trish really likes it:

Laura Mvula – Green Garden