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*Registration for the 2019 Spring Shares is now closed. Thank you for your support!*

Are you looking for our CSA share program? Are you interested in a full season of quality, local, and healthy vegetables from Cycle Farm?

Instead of offering our traditional CSA shares, we are opening special Farm stand family shares, a pre-paid market plan for farm supporters. This plan is designed to work well for our customers by allowing more freedom in which vegetables and how much are selected, as well as providing flexibility around busy summer schedules without having to worry about missing a share pick-up. As farmers, this plan helps us in that we don’t have to worry about planting exactly the right number of peppers or cabbage to make a week’s share quota, we don’t lose produce from forgotten pick-ups, we have a guaranteed market to help us with our crop planning and still get some early income at the beginning of the season when most of our major expenses occur, and we maintain a close relationship with our customers and their families. Please contact us if you have any questions.

SPECIAL FOR 2019 : This year we are offering Spring Farm Share memberships from mid-April through early July. The farm stand will be closed for three weeks at the end of July-early August. Any remaining credit from Spring Shares will be honored at the farm stand until the end of our season, late October.

How it works:

  • Like our traditional CSA, or a gift card, you pay in advance for a season’s worth of farm fresh vegetables.
  • Choose from either a full plan at $500 (not available for 2019), a capri plan at $350, or a half plan at $250, and submit a  2019 farm share prepurchase agreement form.
  • You come to the farm stand on Saturday mornings, 9 AM-noon throughout our growing season, roughly early April through late October, or Thursday evenings, 4-7 PM, mid June through late October.
  • You choose the produce, seeds, starts, eggs, dried herbs and teas, or flowers you would like (crafts not included).
  • We take the total of your week’s purchase off your tab.
  • Your tab lasts until it runs out, or until the end of the season. Any balance remaining at the end of the year is non-refundable.
  • We send you regular emails to keep you informed of your remaining balance.
  • As a thank you for joining our Farm stand family, we give you extra on your tab to spend. The $500 plan is worth $525 (not available for 2019 season); the $350 plan is worth $365; the $250 plan is worth $260.

The benefits:

  • Flexibility around busy summer schedules without having to worry about missing a share pick-up.
  • Freedom to choose what you like and how much you want each week.
  • A weekly newsletter including an update on farm happenings and recipe ideas.
  • Leave your cash at home, you’ve already paid!
  • Your commitment to the farm helps develop a strong connection to your farmers, your food, and how it’s grown.
  • We’ll grow for you. Tell us what you love, your input and feedback helps us determine which varieties and how much to plant again next year.
  • Invitations to special farm events, tours, potlucks, workshops, and harvest parties.
  • Spending your dollars locally helps build a stronger local economy.
  • Bonus, additional credit on your tab.
  • Support local organic agriculture. Your early investment helps us with much needed, early season capital (seed money!).

This year, we are happy and grateful to be able to offer Double Dollar shares for food insecure, or low-income, families or individuals.  For these shares, members contribute $125 and the farm matches that amount, giving them a total of $250 credit at the farm stand. All share members receive weekly emails from the farm with updates and harvest lists, along with recipe ideas and tips for how to use farm fresh produce in the kitchen. This is a great way to learn and gain experience and confidence in the kitchen! We will help provide super simple preparation techniques, and ideas and methods for how to store the produce for both the short and long term.  If you are interested in fresh vegetables and would benefit from this option, please contact us! We are happy to work with you to set up a payment plan that works with your food budget. We are filling out the application to be able to accept WIC/SNAP and are hoping to have that option available this season at the farm stand as well. The positive effects of increased access to healthy food across a community are multifaceted and deep rooted, and we are enormously grateful for the support of our farm friends in helping to making this option available.

One of our favorite things about our CSA over the past few years has been our community of farm supporters and enthusiasts coming together around food and the farm. With this Farm Stand Family model, we hope to better meet our customers needs and continue to grow and celebrate this community. We invite you to join our Farm stand family.

Please send the Farm Stand Family member application form and a check to

Cycle Farm
287 Evans Lane
Spearfish, SD 57783

A sign-up form is available here.