Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides a mutually beneficial arrangement between farmer and community. In exchange for financial support in the spring from farm share members, the farmers commit to providing healthy, locally grown food throughout the growing season.  CSA members share in the inherent risk and potential bounty of farming in their region. The goal of CSA is to reconnect people with the land that sustains them.

As a Cycle Farm CSA member, you will be provided a weekly box of freshly picked, seasonal produce. You’ll know your food-dollars go directly to the people that plant, tend, and harvest your food. If you like, you can come get your hands in the soil, tour the farm, and attend fun farm events. In addition to receiving delicious produce and contributing to a healthy local economy, CSA members gain familiarity with their food and ensure the preservation of working agricultural lands in Spearfish Valley.csa flier 2

Cycle Farm 2016 CSA shares are now available! For more information and a link to our CSA membership registration form please visit our 2016 CSA details page.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our CSA plan. Shares will be limited. Registration for the 2016 CSA season will close at the beginning of April, so contact us to reserve your share soon. Thank you for your support!