Land acknowledgement

We actively acknowledge that Cycle Farm is located on the ancestral lands of many diverse Indigenous cultures and specifically on unceded treaty land of the Lakota people. Stolen land. Land that we are living and working on, and, in a very direct way, profiting from.

As farmers, we are part of a broad scale industry – agriculture and food production – that has been and continues to be exploitative of both the land and people of color. More specifically, we are part of the organic farming movement, which has centered white voices, contributions, and expertise all the while appropriating methods long practiced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color cultures. Furthermore, we are part of a larger food system that is violently out of balance and entrenched in patterns of injustice.

As we are living, working, and deriving our income directly from stolen land, we feel acutely responsible for the persistence of the systems put in place by our ancestors. We are ever increasingly aware of the benefits we have received and continue to receive from these imbalanced systems.  We acknowledge this and are committed to learning and listening, to doing the uncomfortable and ongoing work to dismantle white supremacy and oppression.

As land stewards and settlers in this place we are working to learn from and elevate Indigenous experience, expertise, and voices in our community.  And we ask of our community: please hold us accountable and grow with us towards racial justice on the land and in the food system.

– Jeremy and Trish