farm stand nuts and bolts

A special note to share members and farm stand customers:

Thank you all so much for being so flexible and patient as we figure out, tinker with, and fine tune our produce distribution. Saturday mornings have once again become such a bright and joyous part of our weeks. And thank you for sharing so many cheery emails and photos – we appreciate these so much!

As we are considering safe produce distribution, we’ve given much thought to masks at the farm stand. Lots of folks have been wearing masks when they swing by to pick up produce, and others have asked if they should/need to. Although our market area is open air and there is a considerable amount of space to distance ourselves, we would appreciate if you would please wear a mask when coming by the farm stand. It is important to us that the farm is a place where people feel welcome and safe and cared for, and, as such, we would like to encourage everyone to wear masks and practice physical distancing. For as much as we focus on the vigor and productivity of our soil biology and crops, and tend to the apparent comfort and well-being of our animals, we are also very much concerned with the health and happiness of our community. You all are mighty dear to our hearts, and we will continue to work hard to do all that we can to keep you healthy and safe. And we’ll ask for your help in this by keeping distance between yourself and others and wearing a mask while at the farm stand – small ways in which we can be extra-specially gentle with and supportive of each other right now.Having said this, please don’t fret if you forget your mask. We are all learning how to navigate these days, and we absolutely do not want to add any stress or anxiety to your plate. Only good, delicious vegetables. Our farm food safety practices will continue, and we will be wearing masks, regularly washing our hands and disinfecting farm stand counter tops. We are committed to helping provide a friendly, safe, and easy shopping experience for you all. And if you need a mask, Trish has made several washable, reusable cotton masks available for free. If you need multiple masks, or masks for your business, contact makeSPACE, a rad non-profit organization in Spearfish that has been coordinating volunteer mask making for and distribution to our hospital care workers, local businesses, and community members.One more thing: Bag options. We have plastic bags or we have cloth bags. The cloth bags are available to borrow and bring back; when you return bags, please set them on or next to the green bench on the porch of the farm stand. These will be washed and re-used. Let us know which, cloth/plastic, you prefer. If you bring your own bags, we’ll gather your order and just ask that you load your own bags.

As always, we welcome your thoughts at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. We are profoundly grateful for our farm-community relationship, for your care and support – thank you for your patience and positivity as we work to figure out the best ways to move forward.

Your farmers, Trish and Jeremy

4 thoughts on “farm stand nuts and bolts

    1. Hello Jill! oh, I wish you could swing on by – and we’d load you up with a whole lot more than just parsley and daffodils. I hope you are doing well, I hope it’s been a beautiful spring on the ranch. I imagine you’re keeping pretty busy right now. I heard about Mollie’s idea of getting some kunekune pigs – BRILLIANT IDEA. I am one hundred percent in support of this idea. (; Sending you so much love! -Trish (and Jeremy too)

  1. Trish/Jeremy…Are people/members of a farm share putting $ on a card for farm purchases this year? Thanks, Cyndee

    1. Hello Cyndee,
      Farm share members have a credit at the farm stand – we’ve shifted away from our traditional “this is your share of the harvest” model towards more of a market style CSA. Here’s a link to how it works, (we are sold out of shares for the 2020 season). Drop by customers are paying either by cash or check. Hope you’re doing well! – Trish

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