agrarian riddims, vol. 7


IMG_8085Every summer, or in this case fall, we assemble a compilation of agrarian beats, a special line-up of rhythms and vocals that reflect the farm, the season, and our sentiments.  We started this tradition in 2013 inspired by a mixtape love letter to the parks that birthed hiphop and have continued since with fervor and joy, and with inspiration from our friend, Thomas Payne, and the consummate Kid Hops. Heaps of thanks to all the fine musicians honoring and celebrating life, the land, honest work, and all delicious things. We hope you enjoy listening to this montage as much as we enjoyed mixing it up.

You’ll hear in this year’s selection a cool, slow start to the season, an atypical jaunt off-farm mid-growing frenzy, and heaps of gratitude for our incredible farm sitters (shout out to Marci, Regina and Tom K).

For more good riddims, check out our previous compilations: vol. 1vol.2side Cvol.4, and vol.5, and vol. 6. Agrarian riddims mix-tape vol.7 is available as a youtube playlist here or tune into individual tracks below. We also hear that there have been Spotify playlists made for past compilations, but you’ll have to find those on your own.

Chronixx :: I Can

Hortense Ellis :: Jah Created the World

The Heptones :: Garden of Life

Tarrus Riley :: Farmer’s Anthem

Mungo’s Hi-Fi featuring Black Champagne :: Working Harder

Clinton Fearon with Sherine Fearon :: Gimme Some

Juliette Ashby :: Grow Like a Seed

Peter Metro :: Vegetable Dish

Moken Nunga :: Your Sun is Rising

Rico Rodriguez :: Work Song

Burning Spear :: Travelling

Koffee :: Toast

Noah Powa :: Nah Nyam It

Marcia Griffiths :: Green Grasshopper

Tenna Star :: Flowers in my Garden

Sam Carty :: Life is a Flower

Tonton David :: Big Up Les Fermiers

Dub Dynasty :: Monsoon Come

Captain Cumbia :: Garden of Love

And it feels silly that it took us six years of making these playlists to come across Aurora Innovations and their mixes.  Check them out if you want even more farming inspired reggae.

Shared with love and big thanks,
Your farmers,
Jeremy and Trish

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