magical creatures

Early last week Albrecht cracked his horn. And, related, for a brief while he was sporting a rather gruesome gash under his eye. The gash quickly healed. We suspect the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to this had something to do with getting his head caught in the fence while reaching for a nearby young apple tree. We can only suspect as Justus won’t tell, clearly sworn to secrecy, and we can’t understand a word Lady Eve says.

We’ve been keeping an eye on him. He’s maintained his usual sunny, hungry, and ever-affectionate disposition, so we haven’t worried too much about him. Yesterday, the horn slipped off, revealing – what we’ve always suspected: Albrecht is a unicornNot only do we have wood nymphs in the orchard, now there’s a unicorn out there too.


8/10 – Since posting the above note, this snippet of a film(?) has been called to our attention (thank you, Kaija). It seems to sufficiently summarize my feelings, so I’ve edited to add this. Unicorn sprinkle dinkles and love, t

3 thoughts on “magical creatures

  1. Oh! Sending Albrecht some healing vibes, hippie-dippy style!! That snuggle bug is a trooper. (Also, side note: I have never seen Despicable Me, but clearly I’ve been missing out on something spectacular. Just watched that clip four times. :-D)

    1. ALSO PS can I just describe my effusive yalp at my computer screen just now when I saw the word “regina” ADJACENT TO THE WORD “unicorn” in this delightful tag section!!? I CAN’T EVEN.

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