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Greetings farm friends! Mark your calendar! We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, April 8, at 2:00 PM for the debut of our lovingly created, carefully crafted poetry tour of the farm.  In celebration of poetry and in concurrence with National Poetry Month we are introducing our Farm Poetry Tour, a walking tour of the farm accompanied by poems for selected locations.We have assembled this tour as a fun way to share the farm and our farming practices. The farm is a busy spot with lengthy to-do lists, having poetry scattered about encourages reflection and thought. We love to share the farm, to help build connections between people and their food, and to build connections between people.

Art and poetry provide a platform for shared experience, and with shared experiences we have something in common over which we can relate.  In the poetry tour guide, each poem is followed by a few of the many reasons why we are excited about it and have chosen to include it on the tour. We look forward to spending a full year with these poems on the farm and sharing them with you.

Over the holidays we had a chance to visit with good friends who recently opened a fantastic brewery in Northfield, MN. In catching up on news of their new venture, they relayed accounts of all sorts of creative community building activities they have been engaged with via their new local business. They host live music and taco carts(etc), help find foster homes for a local animal shelter’s featured “Brewery Dog of the Month”, they partner with local farms for fine, fresh ingredients (a blueberry wheat, honey basil ale and something amazing with rhubarb and raspberry), AND they have been hosting poetry nights at the brewery, and even present patrons with poems printed out and displayed on the back of the bathroom stalls. Poetry at a brewery!? Brilliant!

This caused us to think: we need poetry on the farm.

So, with a suggestion from Jeremy – a poetry tour of the farm – we immediately set about compiling a selection of poems from our most favorite poets and poets we didn’t recognize. Poems that spoke to us and our community, the farm and the work we do here. We unloaded our book shelves of all poetry books, and anything else that had poems tucked in corners, at the beginning of chapters, almanacs, calendars, and cookbooks too. For three days, the living room floor was covered in a glorious pile of literature. We sat together, quietly reading – interrupting each other suddenly and sporadically to read new-found favorites aloud.  Half-way through the third day of binge poetry reading, we decided we had better wrap up the list, compile the tour and be done with it – or it we’d still be sitting here reading come May.  Pulling these poems together was huge fun. Derek and Laura, thanks for your inspiration.

…and while you are cavorting about reading poetry and getting to know the farm – keep an eye out for the new birdhouses that have sprung up around the farm. Birds have been scouting them out, but we don’t know of any nesting just yet.

Metaphorically Yours, Trish and Jeremy


12 thoughts on “poetry tour

  1. In all the cycles we have seen
    The thing that we would like to see
    That comes with earthy harmony
    And exudes such joyful glee
    (Rather like a tender pea)
    Would be the farm
    of Trish and Jeremy.

    1. Hello Jill! This is so sweet, my goodness! A poem for the farm! Thank you! (I’m not a poet, or else I’d respond in something really profound – but I AM an admirer of poetry and this one gets hearts and stars and smiles aplenty). Sending love, Trish (and Jeremy too!)

    1. Regina! Don’t go to heaven – COME HERE INSTEAD! (wait a minute… uh).
      xoxo Pj
      also! and this is important. Remember how I told you about operation RUSDSG? Well, it’s all systems go. Seed trays are in the germination chamber. Updates to follow.

  2. The snow is finally melting, the birds are here full force.
    Sitting to ponder the summer, I hope winter has run it’s full course.

    The sky is as blue as a bluebird, the clouds..oh, so fluffy white. The robin, she sits and she mocks me. I know I must look a sight.

    I thrust at the ground full force. I work the dirt through my hands. I feel the cool earth and I smile..I know how to work this land.

    The ground is moist and fertile. I’ve worked hard to be sure that is true. I feel a draw back to reality. I remember.. who I’m giving this to.

    Spearfish, the town and the creek. They all own my heart. I feel a draw to this place and I have loved her people right from the start.

  3. There once was a lad named Jeremy
    Who rode a tall-bike so far and so wide
    While crossing the Gobi, he almost died.
    But, alas he survived, found Trish,
    Took up farming, raising chickens and Radish.
    The saga continues today
    With the hope for little Smiths on the way.
    Oh what could be finer
    Than more Smiths to ride across Chiner?

    1. heh heh… we have week-old lambs right now, Steve. I think you just inspired Jeremy to start thinking about outfitting them with saddle bags for an expedition.. Sending love to you and Eva!

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