coming up: spring plant sales

A Spring Plant Sale on the farm! Mark your calendar! Tell your friends! We’re excited to be hosting a fancy pants fancy plants sale this spring, offering a selection of what we find works best for us in this area as well as a few new-to-us varieties of garden vegetables, herbs, and flowers. All of our plants have been started from seed on the farm, they are all open-pollinated and grown using organic practices. Come by the farmstand, explore the gardens, peek in the greenhouse, and take home a few plants.

Farmstand sale days will be Saturday April 30th, 9 to 1, and again Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday May 7th, 9 to 1. Starts will be available for purchase and pick up at the farm during the week as well and throughout the month of May, please give us a call to arrange a time to come by.  Initially we’ll have herbs, flowers, brassicas (kale, cabbage, broccoli, etc.) for sale; tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, additional tender herbs and flowers will be available starting in mid-May. We are delighted to be offering tomatoes grown from our own saved seed, as we’re working on regionally adapting several varieties.

We will also have fresh vegetables for sale – lettuce, radishes, mustard greens, scallions, bok choy; as well as eggs, farm flower seeds, and fun, hand crafted goodies, including pot holders and wooden spoons.Also, friends! Check out this great introduction to soil health, a presentation given at the 2012 Quivira Coalition Annual Conference by Jill Clapperton (just about a 1/2 hr). She offers insights on nutrient cycling, cover crops, mycorrhiza, no-till – both educational and entertaining. We think you’ll enjoy this. And as you’re planning your garden this spring and readying beds for planting, think about your living soil and what a privilege it is to steward.

Thanks for your support and happy spring!

7 thoughts on “coming up: spring plant sales

  1. It’s still feeling a bit wintery near Mount Rainier, but thinking about a fancy pants fancy plants sales felt like guzzling a hot cup of ginger tea! Shout out to Radish!

    1. I’ve found something to warm you up over there on the mountain top – checkout the photolink posted b-low. Denny and Jerm doin’ a little last-minute bike maintenance(installing new pink streamer grips) just before the big(micro) race. HAWT-2-trot! t

    1. I’m fuzzy on the details (admittedly, I was a little awe-struck at the time), but I *think* that those pants belong to Sierra? or -? come to think of it, where DID they come from? and where did they GO?! Brigadoon pants, those are. I’m counting on them coming back around, at just the right time. – t

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