Pi(e) Day Index, 2016

In celebration of irrationality, community, and deliciousness, we present to you 2016 Pi(e) Day, in numbers:

  • 3.14 mile run/walk loop from the farm (in truth, it may be closer to 2.96 mi)
  • 7 people walking, 1 immeasureably awesome umbrella, and 1 good dog with near infinite earspan
  • 17 pies; 8 savory, 9 sweet
  • 13 featuring locally grown ingredients (including, but not limited to, eggs, beets, honey, rhubarb, cherries, green tomatoes, Hidatsa Shield Figure beans, tomatillos, wine cap mushrooms, kale, shallots)
  • 5 gluten free
  • 1 featuring lambs quarters(!)
  • 1 jar of pi-ckles
  • 26 people, 5 of these = lil’ squirts, all cozied up in our little home
  • 2 months, youngest pie celebrant
  • 3, most generations together to celebrate pies
  • 5 people on the couch at one time
  • 0 empty chairs
  • 4 soggy wet tables, abandoned outside; approx. 16′ wet bunting
  • 0″ rain in gauge (psssh. clearly we need a new rain gauge)
  • 1 lost pair of rain pants
  • 3 dishwashers, tag-teaming
  • 2 exceptionally happy farmers
  • 364 days until next Pi(e) Day!

walk routepie day festivitieslittle onespie day pie chartpieshot

A big, heaping thank you with whipped cream on top to all who were able to join us last night for our 4th annual Pi(e) Day transcendental merry makings! We feel honored and grateful to have had the time with you.

With full bellies and gratitude, your farmers, Trish and Jeremy

2 thoughts on “Pi(e) Day Index, 2016

    1. I love YOU. Hey p, are you doing any fun travel this summer? towards Sodak? We’d love to have some time with you. or/also, we’re headed to NM in November (argg, but Nov is just TOO far away). big hugs, buttery pie shells, and ganache – t(and j too)

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