midsummer farm update, in photos

An update from the farm, mainly photos. Our crops and hearts got crushed earlier in July with a hail storm. We’ve re-trellised and planted out new flats of greens and brassicas. Some things are rebounding brilliantly, other things (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) still look feeble and sorry. We’re offering them gentle encouragements, spread with a thick layer of hope. field tunnels leeks squashWith the storms and the slugs, we got a bit mopey. To combat this, Jeremy took me around on a special “there’s lots to celebrate here despite the mess” farm tour. He brought the camera. The following are shots from the tour: the St John’s Wort in the orchard, showy milkweed in the herb bed, a soon-to-be sunflower by the compost, and rudbeckia blooming by the farm stand.july flowersAnd greens, so many greens. New lettuce plantings are filling in. The peas are sending out new flowers.July greensLast Friday, we had a chance to visit with Linfred and Ron Schuttler on the porch of the farm stand. With vegetables on the counter and glasses of ice water in hand, we heard stories about their family farm, Lumbago Acres, the farm stand, and agriculture in the valley during the 50’s and 60’s. There’s a great article in the Black Hills Pioneer sharing some of these wonderful stories from our conversation together.visitingThe first batch of pastured chickens were butchered and sold last weekend. We feel enormously appreciative about how everything went. The morning slaughter and butcher went smoothly, everyone calm and happy – both the birds and the people. We had great help. The birds averaged 4 pounds. We’re very grateful for having sold out of chickens. If you are interested in reserving a fresh chicken for next time, please let us know.  Thank you so much for supporting small-scale, thoughtfully raised, and humanely slaughtered meat.Additional celebrations! My niece has been visiting this week. Getting the chance to share the farm with an inquisitive, brave, and energetic nine year old is awesome. Thanks for coming, Elora – and thanks for rallying your Dad and Gamma to come too. elora ann on the farmAnd celebrations continue! A wedding on the farm! Our friends and all time number one farmer-inspirations, Eowyn and Jacqui, were married in the shade of the grapes, between the blooming valerian and the lemon sorrel this past Saturday. Thoughtful words, joyful smiles, and beautiful bouquets of wild carrot. So much love.

For our CSA, we put together a weekly newsletter with an update on farm goings-on. If you are interested in finding out more of what’s happening at Cycle Farm, check out the newsletters posted online here each week. We also have a new CSA cookbook, an ongoing online collection of recipes and kitchen inspiration you might like to poke through.

Happy summer, happy feasting!



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