meet your meat

Do you know where your meat comes from? We would like to welcome you out to the farm for a special Pastured Poultry Field Day on Saturday, June 20th. Fun for the whole family, everyone is welcome. Tour begins at 2:30PM. CCF05162015_0002 copyCome spend the afternoon at the farm with us and see how our chickens are raised. During our Pastured Poultry Field Day, we’ll visit with newly hatched chicks in the brooder. Then we’ll head back to the orchard and visit with the chickens in rotation on pasture in chicken tractors. The tour will also include a discussion on mixing and grinding our own blend of certified organic and transitional whole grain feed rations, the economics of raising chickens/how we set our price, and sharing details on humane slaughter. Although we will have the equipment set up and be discussing slaughter methods, we will not be demonstrating a slaughter on Saturday. (We are looking for help on butcher days, if you are interested in coming to help out, please let us know.)

The general state of meat production in this country is grim – for the animals, the farmers and the environment. But as meat eaters, we can make choices as to where we source our meat. We’re excited about raising happy, healthy animals for our community in a way that benefits the land. Come visit the birds, ask us questions. Food tastes better when you know where it comes from. We look forward to sharing our small pastured poultry operation with you. Hope to see you on the tour.

8 thoughts on “meet your meat

  1. That chicken watercolor – wow! All the colors in the feathers came out so bold. The natural fade around the edges makes the shape pop out into three dimensions. Strong work.

    1. Golly, Thomas – such words of praise coming from a master such as yourself -thank you! You know, the roadrunner painting of yours is my inspiration. If you look closely there is a little roadrunner in this chicken – mainly in the mohawk.

  2. I wish I could be there. What I also really wish is that there was a farm like yours nearby where we could buy our food! I wish you lived closer! Ah yes, if wishes were horses…

  3. Ditto on the artwork! Can you please make a lamb watercolor for the next newsletter? And let me know when you’re ready to start a NM version of Cycle Farm…! I will come be your apprentice.

    1. Virginie! Jeremy has an incredible lamb block print – I’ll send it to you. Aw.. a Cycle Farm South? ok. Just as soon as you all set up a Quivira North office. Sending BIG LOVE!

    1. Hello Dawn, Thanks for your note! We’re aiming for the last Sunday in June as our first butcher date – we have several available still, let us know how many you’d like and we’ll put you on our list. – Trish

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