best of beards

Cycle Farm, bearded since 2012.

Dear friends,

It has occurred to me that our photos from the farm show a decisively striking trend (granted, a trend that’s generally decisive, but not at all striking, regarding perhaps most farms). Beards. Humbly, I have compiled a ‘best of’ collection, beards from the farm which I am so very, very pleased to share with you. These images are wildly uncanny, at times ridiculous, and admittedly enchanting. It is with enormous joy that I present to you the following assemblage of bearded charm from Cycle Farm over these past few years.

With warm regards, Trish

best beard club1ibest beard club1hbest beard club1jbest beard clubbest beard club best beard clubbest beard club1d

(also, mustachios)best beard club_mustachios

Big love and high-fives to all my bearded, mustachioed comrades. XO -t

3 thoughts on “best of beards

  1. Oh Trish! This is so great!! Made my day. If/when Bill and I get up to see you, you will have his beard, and if we bring our dog – hers. I love all your beard shots – very creative and fun. The bees – I love how you think and your sense of humor.

    1. Thanks Mary! This was fun to put together, I couldn’t help myself. Jeremy and I would love-LOVE-love to have you guys up here, absolutely anytime. Actually – we should talk to Avery and Craig, they might be headed this direction in the spring – maybe a carpool/caravan adventure to Spearfish!?? BIG hugs to you and Bill, hope you two are enjoying winter, staying warm. -trish

  2. OK, so what about us bald-headed guys that cant grow a beard?

    But we got that way for a reason…



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