agrarian riddims, vol. 2

Last summer, we compiled a mixtape of good agrarian riddims after hearing a mixtape love letter to the parks. Since then, a few new songs have been brought to our attention. Here’s a lyrically potent B-side. A special new compilation for the summer. Both inspired by and dedicated to our favorite spoken word wizards: T.Payne, P.Jewett, and K.Hops.

Barrington Levy – Black Roses

Brushy One String – Chicken in the corn

Collieman – Farmerman Life

The Classics – Honey bee

Albarosie – Work

Don Carlos – Mr Sun

Rootz Underground – Farming

Tony Rebel – Fresh Vegetable

Keke – I Farmer Man

Quartiere Coffee – Italian Reggae Familia (feat. Albarosie as farmer)

Sister Carol – Veggie veggie

Don Carlos – Harvest Time

Max Romeo – Milk and Honey

Chezidek, Jah Mason, and Israel Voice – Farmland Medley

Movimiento Original – Natural

Trish’s new favorite: Mr Perfect – Handcart Bwoy

and finally, and of course, the Reggae Worms


yours, with big beets and big beats, T&J

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