pi(e) Day Index


2nd annual π/Pie Day at the farm
50 degrees, sunny
23 people
4 happy dogs
4 years old, youngest pie celebrant
3.14 mile route
6 runners, 7 walkers
2 tandems, 3 bikes and a tag-a-long
2.5 trash bags-full picked up along the route
$189.77 raised for the Spearfish Bike Coop
13 pies!
1 big bowl of whipped cream
4 quarts of hot apple cider
1 car stuck in the mud, same 1 removed

…and some that can’t quite be quantified so easily: so much fun!, heaps of good conversation, delicious foods, merrymaking; and infinite thanks.morepieThank you, everyone, for joining us in celebrating pie, community, the Bicycle Coop, and wonderful, mathematical phenomena! We raised almost $200 in donations for the Spearfish Bike Coop, to help pay for rent on the workshop space and buy tools. Hooray! And we are continuously wowed by your culinary craftsmanship. Russian vegetable pie, salmon quiche, tamale pie, berry, apple, pecan… everything delicious.


4 thoughts on “pi(e) Day Index

  1. The picture of the roasted red pepper and mushroom quiche made me momentarily question my hatred of quiche. Tell me more about this Russian vegetable pi(e)!

  2. Wow those pies look fabulous!! And I might just settle for the big bowl of whipped cream this morning…

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