snowy day farm bouquet

We’ve put together our very first Cycle Farm Seed Catalog! A special Cycle Farm bouquet, just in time to share on this soft, white, snowy morning. Here are some colors from our seed selection to brighten your day, a little something to stimulate your rods and cones. Here is a link to our bouquet catalogue, with descriptions and ordering information. Wishing you happy dreams of spring!

Farm sunflower cocktail
Torch Mexican Sunflower
Echinacea, purple coneflower
Calendula, Resina
Salmon Rose Zinnia
Bachelor’s Buttons

While you are planning out your vegetable beds and what types of tomatoes to grow this year, don’t forget to plant for the bees, butterflies, and birds. Plant flowers. Emerson said it: the earth laughs in flowers.BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES

We’ve also been saving a variety of vegetable seed, but would like another season growing before sharing these. Look for a new, expanded catalog out next year, including eggplant, tomatillos, tomatoes, squash, melon, lettuce, and herbs.

6 thoughts on “snowy day farm bouquet

  1. These photos are breath taking! What a way to have us look forward to the bright and warm days of spring!

    When I clicked on the link, there was only one page, and it looks like an overlay of two pages. Is that my problem, or is there something that needs to be reset?

    Sooo happy to be on this list!


    Marjorie C. Hingston

  2. Mama Hingston! I think I fixed the problem – would you mind checking it out again? (it should be just one page). Please pass along BIG HUGS to Papa Hingston. Sending you both LOTS OF LOVE! xo, Pj

  3. Calendula – that is… but if you could also give me some more time on my calendar, but no one else’s? Thanks.

  4. *be still my heart*
    LOVE this catalog.
    (BTW, I’m especially fond of the Radish & Jeremy love shot with the Salmon Rose Zinnias. <3!)

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