Starting when we first moved up here, last January, we set up photo monitoring points around the farm to help us visualize how things are changing over time. We’re taking photos quarterly. Now that it has been a full year here and we have had some winter down-time to stitch together images, here is a panoramic year in review.

The following series are taken west to east, standing out back by the hives and hops. You should be able to click on the photos to enlarge.. or Jeremy’s new least favorite word: embiggen.Jan2012_bees panorama

March2012_bees panorama

June2012_bees panorama

Sept2012_bees panorama

Dec2012_bees panorama

And these, below, are taken east to west, as you enter the back field at the north.

March2012_East to west panorama

June2012_East to west panorama

Sept2012_East to west panorama

Dec2012_East to west panorama

The seasonal differences are beautiful and distinct. Some of the fun details to notice include the appearance of the bees, the installation of the hop trellis and deer fencing, the no-till vegetable beds, and the drip-tape rolled out. Through the photos, you can watch the hop vines trellising and transitions in the garlic bed and grapevines. Some of the less fun details include how incredibly dry both this winter and last have been and the deer tracks in the snow inside the fence.

After only one year, there is still so much to learn about the land, the light and seasons, the trees and native plants, the soil chemistry and biology – and how our plan to grow food fits together with it all.

6 thoughts on “panoramdemonium

  1. What a lot you both have done in just four seasons — In the words of your Grandad, after a hard day of work, “Woof!”

  2. So great! What a pleasure meeting you guys last night surrounded by good mucic and great beer! I love how clearly passionate you two are about your endeavors! I’m totally inspired by what you are doing. I hope to come check out your place soon. Oh and you’re totally right about the WICCA! So good.

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