Up up up!

The CSA shares this week included a bunch of pretty beets. And, as if on cue, the new row of beet seeds has decided to pop up this morning. Tiny, bright red seedlings all in a row, like Yeomen. Going about the day, not really up to much more than showing off. The newsletter for this week’s CSA share is posted here.

We took the camera around this morning. Here’s what happening these days:

The chicken tractors have made it into the grape vines rows. With the heat and dry weather, they’re pretty happy to have the additional shade.. and the grape leaves. Pretty tasty, apparently.

Lots of things fruiting. In order of appearance below: Buttercup and Rouge Vif d’etampes winter squash, Valiant grapes, cucumbers, Sand cherry, Prescott Fond Blanc cantaloupe, Ailsa Craig sweet onion.

There are lots of flowers and the bees are working hard. Here are some photos from the pickling cucumbers: 

AND the greenhouse is getting it’s z-dimension on. Posts went up yesterday for the north and south wall. It’s looking sharp.

So sharp, here are more photos.

There is still an incredible amount of work to do on the greenhouse and we’ll need lots of help when it comes to setting straw bales and stomping cob. We’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Up up up!

  1. WoW! Missing my friends Trish and Jeremy so much right now! But good grief — it looks like you are keeping plenty busy! The photos are stunning….but no replacement for hearing the enthusiasm straight from your mouth….I will call this evening.

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