100 degrees, still smiling.

Two weeks into our CSA season. The heat these past weeks has sent a few things to bolt. In order to beat the bolt, our baskets were extra full this week. We had planned to space the Asian greens over different shares. But here we are. A great opportunity to make kimchi.

This share is bridging the very last of the garlic scapes and the very first of the green onions.  And flea beetles are lacing our greens, but they are still stunning. And delicious. We’ve posted our weekly CSA newsletter here.

The bees are well, they are hot. We checked in on them last weekend, the walls and floor of the hives were blanketed in bees, all standing still, holding on tight with their feet, while madly flapping their wings – ventilating the hives. There are also more bees at the door of each hive, just clustered there, buzzing. But each queen is still laying well. And they’re building new comb. We may get honey this year yet.Also, as relates to the heat, we’ve figured out a way to keep our delicate greens fresh and happy at the Friday night Farmer’s Market downtown: decoys.

way too hotWe understand that, as a marketing technique, this is poor form. Buyers are attracted to mass. A heaping pile of turnips, a brimming basket of greens, an Aconcagua of fingerling potatoes will lead to better sales than a lonely, empty basket.. with a sign. Makes sense. How can you resist a glowing pyramid of rainbow radishes?

Tricky. It would be lovely to distribute our good food en masse. But we don’t want to be handing out wilted greens. We take great care to harvest things at their prime, the day of market, so they are perfectly fresh and ready to enjoy. It’s hard work, we’re working harder than we’ve ever worked before. And we’re proud of what we’re doing. So selling produce on Friday afternoons, in the middle of a hot, paved street on 100 degree day – it’s a challenge.

Sales or no, we’re determined to stick it out. With our goods safe from the heat, fresh in the coolers, and signs posted on the table. A Farmer’s Market is a treasure. It’s too important to us. And I’ll hope that the Spearfish community will soon recognize how fantastic it is to eat healthy foods, and support local, sustainable agriculture, and they will rally downtown to the Friday night Farmer’s Market. Vendors are set up by 5:00PM, so there is time to come by and visit your local farmers and artisans and beat the crowds, music, and difficult parking – if that’s a concern. Fresh, local, non-certified organic produce. Read the signs, we’ll have it in the cooler.

Lastly, here’s a quick shot of the birds tonight, all tucked in for sleeping.

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