June happenings

The irrigation lateral busted out front last weekend. It just broke. I may or may not have had anything to do with it. So it broke and water came splooshing out 4 feet in the air, a geyser, flooding the spruce trees, and making a scene. With some help from our mayordomo and an Alabama match, Jeremy fixed it up, right proper. Wet socks the whole way through. We’re still fussing with the irrigation system, waiting on some parts and pieces we’ve ordered. Getting that all in and running will make a big difference.

We’re getting fencing up. This has been a prolonged process, involving augering post holes, cleaning out the holes, setting the posts (every other post is 16′ long – for hop trellising), carting and tamping gravel. Deer and rabbit are prevalent in these parts, but we’d like to minimize their activity and feasting in our vegetable field. So far, we’ve been successful in protecting crops by using row covers as a deterrent. But as nearly every bed is full of precious, tender, tasty treats now, row covers are less convenient and more time consumptive. We need a fence. And here it comes, by bicycle.

And we’ve started on setting trellis cord in the hop field. We’ve both gotten pretty slick with the sisal rope and hammer toss over the 13′ cable move. Commercial hop farms will trellis hops at 18-25′. We’ve got 13′ trellises (16′ posts with 3′ in the ground), which is what we had available and affordable. The hop plants are on a bit of a rough start as they were mowed all last year and we’ve only now just giving them something to climb. But these little sticky vines are burly. I have confidence in them, they are going somewhere now. Like the awkward, lanky girl in middle school who grows up to play NCAA Division 1 basketball. Climb little ones. Alley oop.

Lots of fun colors happening around here these days. Red cabbage, crazy pink snow pea flowers, beautiful speckeled lettuces. The eggplants were planted outside earlier this week. And the garlic is scaping, just in time for Spearfish’s first Farmer’s Market, this Friday.

The birds are growing into themselves; developing their wing feathers, and tail feathers, and punky personalities. The especially handsome chick here, with five toes and feathery legs, is a Salmon Faverolle. (Sand Hill Preservation Center describes them as “calm, elegant birds”; I think they look a lot like Jeremy). A lovely double rainbow over the farm a few days ago. And the bees are collecting black pollen from our neighbors’ pretty poppies.

..and a few more superfluous farm animal photos. It can’t be helped.

Please come by and visit us at the first Spearfish Farmer’s Market on Friday evening, during the Downtown Music in the Middle of the Street Festival. And – not to be missed – Cycle Farm’s Weeding Party Bonanza on Saturday morning, nine to noon.

Happy happy June!

5 thoughts on “June happenings

  1. No haikus from me, but I think that I would like to take credit for Trish’s ease with throwing around terms like “NCAA Division I basketball.” Go Yukon.

  2. And we would like to take credit for the transport of the Alabama match technology to S.Dakota. Love, J & M

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