May 19, the afternoon in photos.

We checked in on the hives yesterday afternoon and managed to remember the camera – then I went trigger happy and took loads of shots of.. well, here you are, with brief descriptions.

Jeremy and Anna Karenina’s hive. A topbar with a full comb. Capped brood, brood (if you look closely at the comb in the lower photo, there are big, juicy white larvae – baby bees. Cuties), and honey (sparkly, top of the comb).

Fava bean flowers. Potato sprout, this one is an All Blue. Garlic about to get their scape on. What the field looks like these days. Grape vines are growing leafy.

Peeking under the hoops and row cover at newly planted lettuce, napa cabbage (with bok choi behind), and dinosaur kale.

Honey bee sipping water from the lettuce tray. Jeremy checking in on tomatoes. Chard.

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