It takes a party to build a trellis

Last week a crew of wonderful friends came to the farm to help us get our hop trellis started. The farm seemed alive with people (and dogs) milling about – working hard, enjoying the sunshine, the bird calls, and the green. The days are already getting long and together we filled them up with heavy lifting, moving 10′ and 16′ posts, pulling t-posts, piling brush, post hole digging, and plum tree pruning. Then there was bread baking, feasting, creative water coloring, and frequent trips down the street to Crow Peak Brewery to fill up growlers. No one complained about the appalling lack of a hammock, having to sleep on the floor, or the consistent 9:00PM dinner time. Many hands made for happy workers. We’re feeling so grateful to have had a chance to connect with dear friends, to share ideas and get excited about growing food and healthy lands. Thank you guys. So much.

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