Spring things.

With the onset of spring and weather changing so quickly these days, it seems everyday we’re finding something exciting. Everyday something new and fantastic at Cycle Farm. We don’t know what to expect, so every little thing sends us into a whirl of glee and excitement. Jeremy found a bag of Jacobs Cattle beans in the basement crawl space, with a label that reads “2004, to be planted 2005.” I found a thick mat of Hens and Chicks under the faucet below the kitchen window. There are more and more green bulbs shooting up out of the ground, all over. Our sweet neighbor, Holly (that’s right, our bad dog got her good hen) stopped by yesterday morning with a kombucha mother. Holy smokes. Kombucha!? Another neighbor, John, came by and gave us a tour of the wild asparagus patches on the property. Wild asparagus?! It gets better and better. We’ve even found a set of horse shoes in the garage. Everything is a marvelous little discovery, another aspect to the farm we’re getting to know. Every moment, a little bite of kensho. Lots of fun being had on Cycle Farm Treasure Island.

8 thoughts on “Spring things.

  1. I love this photo series, but oh MAN that photo of the two pups just makes me MELT. OMG. LOVE THEM.



    1. Regina – do you want a Kambucha to take home with you? this thing is very ready to split. I bet the airport security folks would understand.
      Can’t wait to see you. SOON.

      1. NO NO NO! You may NOT dump the kombucha on ME! JENKINS! MOI!? Okay, I had one glass at the Vermont farm back in 2008 and apart from getting a nice buzz, I thought I was going to exude vinegary-mushroom-brine for the next millennia. You two are brave rockstars. Also, those mothers are freaky.

  2. Kombucha is just really scary rotting water…that eats sugar…and turns it into more rot….and then has babies.

    Jenkins – I am surprised by you….wouldn’t have guessed that you were into rotting procreation.


    1. Yep. Rot. And slime. It’s just like in Paleo class, remember Anderson? early Earth seas – stromatolites and cyanobacteria? And soon we’ll get chickens (vicious feathered dinosaurs). Then Cycle Farm will host a Wild Adventure Ancient Life theme park. Pedicab tours. And ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK signs. The kombucha is all part of a bigger plan.

      1. Oh ok! Then I totally get it. It’s like a lesson in high speed evolution. Totally cool. Just make sure you don’t drink any of it’s nasty pond residue….especially after it grows legs and crawls out of the jar to become an investment banker with Goldman Sachs (which, I understand, is the evolutionary stage just after scum…or is it just before scum?).

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