New friends, enthusiasm, and kale chips.

We’re in a bit of a dreamy daze around here since yesterday’s incredible turnout at the farm. Jeremy and I were looking forward to maybe a handful of people coming over. At the very last minute, Jeremy called his father to ask for some extra folding chairs – just in case. I figured, poor Jeremy, he’s a little stressed, maybe nervous, he’s plum lost his mind. There’s no way we’re going to need more chairs. So I set to making cookies, to buffer the disappointment if no one came; at least we’d have a whole lot of cookies to hang out with. Turns out we needed the chairs. And then some. We had over 20 people cuddled up into our cozy living room. Wow.

There were friendly, familiar faces and so many wonderful, new folks – and everyone excited about local agriculture and delicious, healthy foods. People so excited they are even eager to come out and volunteer! Willing weeders – right in our living room! Imagine.

CSA shares have started filling up. In efforts to try and keep things simple this year, we are limiting our shares.  Please contact us if you are interested. Here’s a link to a newsletter describing our CSA plan: Feb19_CSAnews.

Thank you all for joining us yesterday – for all your interest and enthusiasm. Up until yesterday, all our planning and ideas have been mostly limited to a Trish & Jeremy dialogue. Getting to meet everyone and share ideas was such a boost of momentum. We can do this. We’re all fired up.

Although, I might actually hear the brakes squealing a little this morning, as I am looking out the window at this new, thick, white blanket of snow. Slow down. Tomatoes in due time.

Thanks again – we are looking forward to growing vegetables and getting to know you all this season!

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