CSA planning, remay, and greenhouse blue prints.

We are in the thick of CSA planning. Selecting and ordering seeds. Plans are developing and taking shape, here’s a peek into our thought stream right now. Specific numbers may be subject to change.

We are fleshing out a CSA share calendar. We are planning to provide a weekly basket to share members for the length of the season, for 18 weeks (maybe 20?).  As a CSA member, you will receive your weekly share at a reduced rate from market value; at this point, we are estimating a value of between $21-28/week. Each week’s basket will include an assortment of each of the following: salad greens, braising greens, fresh-eating veggies, cooking veggies, alliums, root vegetables, and herbs.  As the weeks are pulling together, we’re considering days to maturity for each variety and planting dates. We are maximizing variety in order to learn about our crops and seasons, satisfy our own curiosity, and rally local enthusiasm for delicious rarities. We’ve deliberately chosen open-pollinated, heirloom and regional varieties.  Seeds are selected for flavor, rather than for shelf-life. You’ll enjoy your sweet, familiar varieties, and likely look forward to tasting some that you’ve never tried before.

Thinking back to maturity rates and planting dates: some of these need to get planted soon. Eggplants. Peppers. We have been discussing the merits of remay and plastic row covers. Struggling between our ideals of minimizing the use of plastics and other non-renewables, and our affinity for eggplants. And peppers. We’ve also been brainstorming greenhouse styles and features. Timber frame. Salvaged, recycled window panes and glass doors. Triple-wall polycarbonate. Cob for heat retention. False floor with rabbits for heat, manure, and meat. Will need to see what makes most sense. Good friends are scheduled to arrive in April to help with a greenhouse raising. Everyone is welcome to come out for the neighboring!

Winter is supposed to be farmer down-time. Physically, maybe. Mentally, it feels like assembling a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle …with a blindfold on. We are looking forward to getting our hands in the soil.

If you are interested in Cycle Farm’s CSA farm shares, or would like to find out more – please come out to the farm on Sunday, Feb. 19th, 2:00PM for an informational meeting. We look forward to seeing you!

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