Center for Appropriate Transport

Jeremy got a chance to apprentice with the Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene, Oregon over these past few months. He left in July and just came back in December. It’s all sort of splendid and mysterious. Where’d he go? ..he’s doing what? The course was comprehensive in cargo bike frame building, small business management, welding, weeding and industrial sewing. We’ve heard lots of stories – now here are some pictures! This is a link to the CAT program site. It is a magical workshop where thoughtful utilitarian transport and happiness are made. You’ll see.

The fantastic folks from the apprenticeship: Jeremy with Tuyen and Derek and their inspiring mentor, Jan.
Jeremy with a special delivery on the Long Haul bike he built during the CAT course.

We are really excited about minimizing off-farm inputs and maximizing human powered farming practices with Cycle Farm. This smart cargo bicycle will serve well as our farm truck. It will be extraspecially fun to have loaded up on market day. Fresh off the pedals from Bike-Building Wonderland, Jeremy’s brain is still ticking away at ideas for trike-tor design, trailers and other pedal powered farm equipment.

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