Grape jelly

We’ve been enjoying delicious grape jelly Randi made last summer from the vines outside. Sounds like there was a very merry, very prolific harvest. The Wickstrom’s cultivated gorgeously manicured vines. These rows are stunning. So well kept, so tamed. Each sinuous vine practically sporting a starched collar and ironed slacks.

Jeremy and I have never pruned grape vines before. It sounds like it might be a lot like giving a hair cut. Which is something we can do, sort of. I sure hope we don’t butcher these. We may end up with a dissident lot, in mohawks and ripped RANCID t-shirts.

I’m sure we have a book on pruning grape vines somewhere around here.

3 thoughts on “Grape jelly

  1. Tia Anna Ruth in Montevideo, Uruguay, has sent photos with us for you of her jam and jelly making projects. She has been using plums, peaches, and blackberries from the chacra and since it is summertime for her now, her stove is very busy making even more. We can testify to how good tasting they are! (Although she does admit to having burned a batch sometime in the past…) Looking forward to even more from Cycle Farm…

  2. So I have a folder on my computer called “CYCLE FARM” under the “Pictures” section and I’ve been saving all of your photographs into that file (STALKER) so I can look at them 24-7, even without internet waves. I’m a little bit obsessed with the grape trio up here, just FYI.

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