Welcome home

Our first few days on the farm have been full of unpacking, pouring through seed catalogs,  setting up the office, baking, and spending time with the Smiths. Radish’s first few days have been full of chasing deer, watching squirrels, pretty sunsets and building confidence on polished wood floors.

We’re getting more comfortable with the house and land – plans are becoming more tangible. Hearing enthusiasm and support for the farm from folks and friends around town  has been a boost as well.

The kitchen has been inaugurated with bread, cookies, beans and champagne. It sports a mess quite well. We’re looking forward to putting in more counter space, to further increase our mess potential. The doorway to the basement has been inaugurated by Jeremy’s head SMACK into it, a couple times, always followed by particularly flowery language. We haven’t quite figured out how to remedy that, neither the smacking nor the language.  It’s certainly becoming home.

One thought on “Welcome home

  1. Avery and I have been swooning over this photo collage quintet. OH heavens betsy. For the love of grapes, KEEP POSTING — I live for T & J updates.

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